Shikoukai Japanese Dolls are handmade one by one, each unique, using traditional Japanese methods. Shikoukai dolls are known for wearing “Kodai-gire” – antique Edo-era kimono cloth that are extremely rare, only available in very limited numbers, and to very limited people.

About Kodai-gire(Edo-era garment cloth)

Kodai-gire is derived from kimono worn by the wealthy high-class in the Edo-era, and Kodai-gire used for Shikoukai dolls are pieces of cloth taken from those antique garments.

Unlike garments of other ages, Edo-era kimono have distinct color and character. Not too bright like those of later times, but still gorgeously colorful and elaborate, each hand-sewn by masters of the era.

Not only are they wonderfully made, each piece of Kodai-gire have aged for hundreds of years, and the slightly faded colors, blending of the stitches, and even the occasional surface wear, add extraordinary aura and dignity to each piece. No craftsman, only time, can perfect an art to this level.

Through the sun and the cold, through the glory and the hardships, each Kodai-gire has lived through it all. It is Japanese history itself. And each newborn doll dressed in it tells a unique story of its lifetime.

About Shikoukai

Shikoukai was established by the legendary Japanese Doll craftsmaster Teiko Hoshi in 1956.

Through her pursuit of Japanese art, she perfected her style by merging Japanese dolls and Kodai-gire.

Starting in 1958, she and her apprentices began their Shikoukai annual exhibit at the prestigious Mitsukoshi department store, welcoming fans from all across the country, including numerous high ranking business men and politicians.

Shikoukai dolls and this event continued its fame and popularity for 57 years, until Teiko Hoshi decided to retire at age 95.

In 2017, her apprentices, who themselves have becomes masters, have decided to carry on Teiko Hoshi’s legacy.

All Shikoukai dolls are available for sale, worldwide.

Shikoukai is working on building an English site, but meanwhile please look through photos on our portfolio page for our current stock.

If any item interests you, please contact info@shikoukai.net in English for details and we will be happy to discuss payment and delivery methods.

Each Shikoukai doll comes in its original wooden box, and will be packaged with highest care and durability for overseas delivery.